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What are the most important real estate keywords to use in a listing? Well, that depends on who you ask and what site you look at. First, let’s identify those phrases Realtors often use. According to GPT3 (which is responsible for much of this article), the two most popular phrases used by Realtors are:

  • “move-in ready”
  • “great for entertaining”

These are the key reasons most buyers purchase a home. These two phrases are usually followed by “light and bright” and “hardwood floors.” Also, granite countertops. Many Realtors also include the words – “granite counter tops,” “updated kitchen,” “wood floors,” “newer HVAC,” and “hardwood floors.” However, some other desirable features may or may not include crown molding, newer windows, and walk-in closets. Unless you’re selling a “fixer-upper,” the above phrases are more or less required for an effective real estate listing. So make sure you ask your Realtor to use these keywords to convey a home that’s move-in ready and great for entertaining.

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