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*The ideal neighborhood, written by GPT-3, in the style of Abraham Lincoln

“What constitutes a good neighborhood? This is a difficult question to answer, and the opinion of one person may be different from that of another. A good neighborhood is a place where a person can live comfortably with dignity and independence, but where, at the same time, every individual is anxious to join in any common effort for the general welfare. The great thing is that this aim should be common. In a good neighborhood each member shares the desire for progress on the part of all, and wants to cooperate in any way possible with his or her fellow members.

In this kind of neighborhood there is no room for selfishness of any kind. Selfish people have no interest in bettering conditions for others. What would be their motive? If they did what was best for others, it would only be because they were forced to do so. They would not do so from love or from a desire to share in the joy of others’ success.

A good neighborhood embraces all who live there. It does not exclude anyone by reason of nationality, race, religion, physical handicaps, or whatever else may interfere with an individual’s sense of dignity and self-respect.”

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