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“I am writing this for the purpose of providing an insightful vision into the kind of environment I strive to live in. It would be a marvelous place if everyone understood their role to play. The majority of people in this neighborhood are responsible people who are selfless, respectful, and honorable. The citizens are understanding enough to know that not everyone is perfect. They do their best to understand each other’s faults and forgive when necessary.

This community’s people are hardworking individuals who are always willing to lend a hand, even if it means lending it to themselves. I have found that there are other titles that are more valuable than “King.” I feel that being deemed worthy of being called “neighbor” has much greater meaning. The peace and serenity found in this community is enviable. Happiness is never too far away because there is love between neighbors here.”

*A description of the ideal neighborhood, written by GPT-3, in the style of Mark Twain

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