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This morning, I traveled to Copiah County to inspect a retail storefront building in Hazlehurst. While I was there, I took quite a few shots of some of the local landmarks, one of which was this old train car at the Hazlehurst train station. Amtrak runs right through there, and it’s a great way to travel; last year, my wife, Rhonda, and I took Amtrak to a Fleetwood Mac concert in New Orleans along with a bunch of our friends — we all absolutely loved it.

Anyway, I posted the train photo on Facebook a little bit ago as a 3D photograph. That got me to thinking: I wonder if our clients would like to see 3D photos in their appraisal reports? That might be a cool enhancement (maybe a “web-only” version). I’m always looking for ways to make our appraisal reports more interesting and more readable. You can check it out below or visit it directly (mouse over the photo to see the effect in action). It isn’t particularly dramatic without spatial depth, but it’s interesting when there’s something in the foreground against a relatively distant background. Here’s that shot of the train, and then one of my dad and me (in which the effect is more dramatic). I think it’s pretty cool. Maybe if we add 3D photos to our appraisal reports, we could get more people to actually read them. 😉

P.S. After testing, I can confirm the 3D embed below looks great on a computer, but it doesn’t seem to work on a phone. Not sure about a tablet.

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