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Need a commercial property appraiser in Jefferson County, Mississippi?

If you need a commercial property appraiser in Jefferson County or anywhere else in Mississippi, you've come to the right place. We've appraised all kinds of commercial property, including office buildings, freestanding retail buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes, industrial and warehouse properties, hunting and agricultural land, and just about every other type of commercial property you can imagine.

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A whole lot of love goes into every one of our appraisal reports.

Pinpoint Accuracy

We’ll analyze your property location and how it compares with the broader surrounding areas, including the city, county, metro area, and the entire state.

Demographic Analysis

In the era of big data, we combine our expertise in commercial real estate, property appraisal and consulting, data science, and GIS to provide our customers with world-class demographic and economic analysis.

Inspection Photos

Every commercial appraisal we perform is unique. That's why our reports always include access to every photograph taken during the property inspection.

Competitive Fees

In addition to our expertise in appraising, our chief appraiser is also a software engineer. Because of the efficiencies we've achieved in developing our own software, we can offer our services at competitive prices.

Click here to learn more about the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute.

The MAI Designation is the highest affliation in the appraisal profession

If you need an MAI appraiser in Jefferson County, Mississippi, we've got you covered. All our appraisal reports are carefully reviewed and signed by one or more appraisers with an MAI designation. Less than 1.00% of U.S. appraisers hold the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. To become a MAI Designated member of the Appraisal Institute, an individual must:

  • Have good moral character
  • Be a Certified General Real Property Appraiser (or meet equivalency)
  • Hold bachelor's degree or higher (or be a Certified General Real Property Appraiser)
  • Meet standards and ethics requirements
  • Pass rigorous education requirements
  • Pass a final comprehensive examination
  • Receive credit for specialized experience that meets strict criteria; and
  • Receive credit for the demonstration of knowledge requirement.
Click here to learn more about the Appraisal Institute and the standards Appraisal Institute members pledge to uphold.

"The MAI designation has long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions, and investors as a mark of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis." - Appraisal Institute

Did you know that many appraisers actually include our data in their own appraisal reports, much of which we provide to the public fee of charge?

Here's a sample of some demographic information about Jefferson County, Mississippi:

Median household income chart for Jefferson County, Mississippi
Per-capita income chart for Jefferson County, Mississippi
Median home value chart for Jefferson County, Mississippi
Household income for Jefferson County, Mississippi

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For a free quote on a commercial property appraisal in Jefferson County, Mississippi, or to find out more about our real estate or appraisal consulting services, give us a call or send us an email.

P.O. Box 1094
Florence, MS 39073

(601) 951-4280

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